Official Rules

M.F.L Rules & Regulations
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General Rules:
Playoff matchups are randomly chosen.
*(Returning Players)* Respond before the deadline to keep your Team. Vacated Teams will be made available after the deadline. Available Teams will then be given out on a First-come First-served basis. (Contact the Commissioner for an updated, and accurate list)
No duplicate teams allowed.
You are allowed to change Teams as long as it’s done before the Tournament Chart is created.
Home field advantage is decided by a coin flip. The final game will be played at the Super Bowl stadium.
Online games that end as a result of “bad connection”, will be re-started, and the previous score will be added.
No advice can be given to anyone during the Tournament.
No Profanity (talk TRASH..but keep it clean)
The $5 Administrative fee must be in before the deadline. (Contact the Commissioner for details.)
Tournament Rules:
1 Game Elimination
4 Minute Quarters
25 Second Runoff
Conventional Play Calling. (Gameflow is not used)
Skill Level: All Madden
Team Specific Playbooks (must use your Teams Offensive & Defensive Playbooks)
No Scouting Reports
Franchise Rules:
Create your Teams Coach. (ex. Giants= Tom Coughlin)
All Free Agency transactions must be approved by the Commissioner.
Free Agency signing will begin with the Lowest Ranked Teams choosing 1st.
You are responsible for contacting your Opponent 1-2 weeks ahead of Time, to set up the Time and Day you’ll play.
Because of the level of competition, you will only be allowed 3 game simulations. Any more, and you default on any prizes earned.
The Franchise will be updated weekly, usually Sunday. (unless stated otherwise)

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